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The Malt Kracker Assembly instruction

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The Malt Kracker – 2 Roller Mill – Assembly instruction

Tools Required

Phillips Screwdriver – 1 small (2.3mm) & 1 x regular (6mm) size
Small Wrench/Crescent/water pump pliers/pliers

Parts included

2 Roller Stainless Steel Mill
Handle to 10mm crank/drive shaft
Bag of 2.3mm Screws & Bolts
Hopper side pieces
Hopper end pieces
Wooden base – with rubber posts
Counter sunk 6mm screws

Follow these steps to set up

  1. Remove the blue protective scratch film from both sides of all hopper pieces & the roller.
  2. Assemble the hopper using the pliers & the small screwdriver. Screw heads facing the inside, nuts on outside. Important to leave the screws slightly loose for now.
  3. Place the assembled hopper onto the Mill & tighten the screw heads on the Mill. Once you are satisfied that this is tight, fully tighten the screws on the hopper
  4. Fix the timber base to the Mill with 6mm screws provided and regular size screw driver, with the crank/drive shaft facing the outside of the timber board.

Milling Adjustment

It is important to adjust both sides of the Mill for a consistent crush. Once you have adjusted your gap preference, tighten the thumb nuts & the locking nuts.

Our recommendation

  1. Use a feeler gauge or similar tool to choose a desired setting.
  2. Set the gap so that your crush allows the Malt to be pulled through the rollers, Kracked & released from the husk but leaving the husk intact. This will create a good sparge bed. Too fine a crush = a slow sparge. Too big a gap = low efficiency in the Wort & fast sparge.
  3. Tip – place an embossed credit card through the roller to test the gap. If the roller turns & credit card slips through easily, this is your “sweet-spot”.
  4. Check & adjust your rollers on each & every use.

Handle – Cordless drill

For ease of Milling, replace the handle & attach a Cordless drill to the crank/drive shaft instead.
It is important to set the speed to low 180-220 RPM’s max. Remember that your mill will be unbalanced now, so be careful when you let go of the drill.


Will hold a maximum of 2.6kgs of grain
Can have sharp edges, therefore be careful when assembling to check for any potential sharp edges.