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Camping Combo

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The ChinChiller - Camping Combo

Your first clean;

With the Camping Combo you have the benefit of re-carbonating your brew with the
adjustable CO2 regulator. Never drink flat beer again.
The Camping Combo is compatible with the entire ChinChiller Brew.Co range of Kegs; 2,
4, 5 & 10 Litre
Your system will contain the following parts in the box.
  1. Picnic tap / faucet with plastic handle
  2. Black (Plastic) Threaded Spear – including length of Dip Tube
  3. Black (Plastic) Thumb Tap
  4. Mini CO2 Regulator
  5. Hose Clamps x 2 – Stainless Steel
  6. Beer Line – Approximately 1m in length

Follow these steps to set up

  1. Ensure that you clean the entire system as suggested; components, beer line, spear & keg.
  2. Use a combination of boiling hot water & a sterilizer such as Sodium Percarbonate on your first use & clean prior to every fill / use.
  3. Cut the Dip tube line tube slightly (10mm) above the top of keg.
  4. Slide this firmly onto the barbed nut at the base of the spear.
  5. Now Screw the assembled Spear onto the keg
  6. Turn the CO2 Regulator firmly to the thread on the Black plastic spear.
  7. Be firm but be careful not the over tighten.
  8. Fit the Thumb tap to the remaining section of hose.
  9. Check that you are happy with the length & cut to suit. We recommend a suitable length of between 180-300mm of hose, depending on your keg.
  10. Add stainless steel clamps & check step 7
  11. Turn a CO2 cartridge into the threaded end of the regulator. You will hear a hiss as the cartridge is punctured…..keep turning until sealed.
  12. Its important to complete a CO2 leak test by spraying soapy water over the base of the spear & check for bubbles forming