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Hop Dom – All the Fun without the Mess!

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Hop Dom

The Hop Dom hop filter is constructed from high quality, 300 Micron stainless steel mesh, strong, durable, anti-rust & high temperature resistant.
Which can be used to dry hop beer, adding fruit flavours to beer or cider & wine making, then simply removing the Hop-Dom from your brew & disposing of the contents, leaving no sediment or floating bits.

Easy As!
The size for the Hop-Dom Mini is Size: Approx. 180mm (l) x 70mm (d)
The size for the Hop-Dom Grande is Size: Approx. 300mm (l) x 70mm (d)
The Hop Dom Mini holds a maximum of 250 grams of hop pellets
The Hop Dom Grande holds a maximum of 400 grams of hop pellets.


– 1 – Only fill these up to half way with hop pellets to release the flavours/oils.
– 2 – By filling it halfway, you can add 2-3 Ping-Pong Balls to the Hop-Dom which will allow it to float in the Wort/Beer making it perfect for Dry Hopping.
– 3 – A round eye-lit on the lid will allow you to fix the Hop-Dom with string or a fishing line to your fermenter or keg, should you choose.
– 4 – There may be sharp edges so be careful when cleaning the mesh.
– 5 – As a precaution, hold the top & the bottom firmly when unscrewing & screwing on the lid,
thereby not over exerting & twisting the Hop-Dom out of shape.
– 6 – Cleaning is a must – Sterilise by placing in a container of boiling water.
– 7 – Use a sterilising agent such as Sodium Percarbonate or StarSan before placing into you Wort.

The Hop-Dom has the benefit of “All the fun without the Mess”

You are now ready to pour your first brew!

You will need to become familiar & accustomed to pouring your beer to suit the beer, the style & your preference.This does take some trial & error, but you will have a ton of fun doing this, plus, you will be the envy of all your mates at the Barbie!

We recommend a low PSI for pouring, between 3-6PSI to avoid foaming.
Also, for best results, place your minikeg in the fridge before filling. This prevents the beer foaming which occurs when cold liquid is transferred into a warm vessel.

The swivel adaptor will continue to spin & appear to be loose. Don’t be alarmed as this is normal. Ensure that all seals are in place on the components before turning a CO2 cylinder into the regulator.
You can remove the nut on the base of the Regulator & attach to a Soda Stream bottle, by adding a suitable compatible adaptor.