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Full Brewers System

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Full Brewers System – Assembly & Usage Instructions

Your system will contain the following parts in the box

  1. Beer tap / faucet with plastic handle
  2. Tap / Shank adaptor
  3. Black Disconnect – Liquid / Beer outlet
  4. Grey Disconnect – Gas outlet
  5. MFL – M8 Swivel Adaptor
  6. .CO2 Regulator
  7. 16g Food Grade CO2 threaded cartridge
  8. Chrome Spear with pressure relief ring

The full brewery system is compatible with the entire ChinChiller Brew.Co range of Kegs; 2, 4, 5 & 10 Litre


Follow these steps to set up

  1. Ensure that you clean the entire system as suggested; components, beer line, spear & keg.
  2. Use a combination of boiling hot water & a sterilizer such as Sodium Percarbonate on your first use & clean prior to every fill / use.
  3. Connect & tighten tap adaptor to Black disconnect, connect Swivel adaptor to Gas outlet
  4. Cut the beer line tube slightly (10mm) above the top of keg.
  5. Double check that all the posts on the spear are tight to avoid liquid or gas leaking
  6. Slide this firmly onto the barbed nut at the base of the spear.
  7. Now attach disconnects by lifting the base upwards & then releasing once in place.
  8. Its important to a) complete a CO2 leak test by spraying soapy water over the disconnect base& check for bubbles forming b) apply a lubricant to the o-rings to prolong lifespan & improve seal

You are now ready to pour your first brew!

  1. You will need to become familiar & accustomed to pouring your beer to suit the beer, the style & your preference. This does take some trial & error, but you will have a ton of fun doing this, plus, you will be the envy of all your mates at the Barbie! We recommend a low PSI for pouring, between 3-6PSI to avoid foaming.
    Also, for best results, place your minikeg in the fridge before filling. This prevents the beer foaming which occurs when cold liquid is transferred into a warm vessel.
  2. The swivel adaptor will continue to spin & appear to be loose. Don’t be alarmed as this is normal. Ensure that all seals are in place on the components before turning a CO2 cylinder into the regulator you can remove the nut on the base of the Regulator & attach to a Soda Stream bottle, by adding a suitable compatible adaptor.