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Cleaning Kegs

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​Yes, this is a must! Unlike bottles, which are tedious to clean, sanitize, dry, cool & refill, the ChinChiller mini kegs are easy to clean and fill. Cleaning is a must between each fill & avoiding the disappointment of a ruined batch of your cherished brew!

Your first clean;

  1. Remove the lid & fill with about 10% of boiling hot water (200mm for 2L, 500ml for 5L) etc
  2. Turn the lid on. Remember the contents is now hot. Holding with a cloth, shake the keg/growler vigorously for about 10 seconds.
  3. Let the keg/growler stand for at least 20 seconds.
  4. With the cloth, remove the lid & empty the contents into a drain
  5. Sterilise your keg. We recommend using The ChinChiller – No Rinse –Sodium Percarbonate or a similar sanitizer you prefer.
  6. Depending on the product volume, measure 1 teaspoon per litre for your cleaning solution, add to your keg, turn on the lid & again, vigorously shake the keg for 10-15 seconds, ensuring that you cover all the surfaces.
  7. For best results let the keg stand for 10 minutes.
  8. Then do another quick shake before emptying the contents into a sink or drain.
  9. Your keg is now ready to be filled.

2nd & each clean following;

  1. For the ChinChiller spear assembly, full brewers kit or Picnic Tap set, depressurise your keg before opening the lid – Safety first!
  2. Empty the contents & repeat steps 1- 9,
  3. However before emptying the contents, turn the Spear or Picnic tap assembly onto the keg & run the hot water or sanitizer through the taps as you would pour a beer.

Suggestion – Empty the sanitizer solution into a container & lay spear, dip tube, Picnic Tap, Brewers Tap in the solution for 10 minutes for added piece of mind
Your keg, assembly & dip tubes should now be clean, sanitized & ready for another fill.
To remove stubborn build up use a bottle brush after step 1 Adding boiling water.

For best result before filling place your keg in a fridge for 30 minutes. This will prevent beer foaming which occurs when a cold beer is added to a warm vessel/keg!