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Malt Kracker

The Malt Kracker 2 roller grain mill.


– Consists of a durable aluminium hopper with 2 x adjustable stainless steel rollers. It is a great entry level mill that will last for many brews & get the job done right every time.

– The hopper will hold a maximum of 2.6kg’s of grain

– Stainless Steel rollers provide good durability

– 2 x adjustable rollers allows you to set your desired crush, making sure that you achieve your target efficiency

– Simple construction means its very easy to assemble

Included in the package is:

  • 2 Roller Stainless Steel Mill
  • Hopper side pieces
  • Hopper end pieces
  • Handle to 10mm crank/drive shaft
  • Bag of 2.3mm Screws & Bolts
  • Counter sunk 6mm screws
    *Wooden Base sold seperately

– For ease of milling, the handle can easily be replaced by using a cordless drill with on the 10mm crank shaft


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