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Hop Dom

All the fun without the Mess!


Perfect for dry hopping, they are made from a high grade stainless steel 300 micron mesh.

Use the Hop Dom to dry hop beer, add fruit flavours to beer or cider or wine, then simply remove the Hop Dom from your brew & dispose of the contents, leaving no sediment or floating bits behind.

Easy As!

The Hop Dom MIni holds a maximum of 250g’s of hop pellets.

The Hop Dom Grande holds a maximum of 400 grams of hop pellets

We would recommend that you only fill these half way with pellets to release the maximum flavours / oils.

Also, by filling it halfway, you can add 2 – 3 Ping Pong Blass to the Hop Dom which will allow it to float in the Wort/Beer/Cider making it perfect for Dry Hopping & very easy to remove.

No need to tie it to the fermentor with string or cord.


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