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Clear Beer System

Attachment designed to draw from the top of a Cornelius keg.


With the Clear Beer System you will draw from the top of your Corney Keg.

1. Rack directly from the fermenter on top of your choice of dry hops inside your keg.

You can choose to cold crash in your Corney Keg.

Theres no need for a secondary fermenter and less or no contamination risk.

2. The CBDS will float to the top of the keg where your beer is clear.

3. Drawing off the top means you wont unsettle or disturb your hops, fruit, cocoa nibs, Trub/sediment etc, from the bottom of your keg

4. This means Clear, fresh tasting beer in days………not weeks!

5. Bottle your beer directly from your keg or transport to a party without stirring up unwanted sediment from the bottom.

6. These are easy to clean & sterilise.

7. Durable, light weight, stainless steel, will last you a lifetime


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