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4L Keg - Brewers Full Kit

The 4L Keg and interchangeable full brewing spear and tap system.


4L Kegs – Well 4L of good stuff in a keg that fits in the fridge, takes less space than a couple of six packs and you don’t have all those bottles to clean, sterilise and repeat – boom! Best of all she still fits into the cooler box, and is available with all the attachments to carbonate and pour, at home or when you are out to play.

All our kegs are made from 304 high grade stainless steel, which have been pressure and quality tested. The 2L and 4L are stackable, likewise for the 5L and 10L, a great space saving feature!  This is a great solution to eliminate the need to use plastic or glass bottles– hell we want to see you all going plastic free!

Handy Tip – remember to put your empty, clean keg in the fridge for 30 minutes before filling – cold beer into warm keg = froth.


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