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2L Growler - Complete with Pouring Set

Growler / Flagon call it what you want, fill it with what you like!


With this combo you can re-carbonate your brew. The double wall insulation ensures that your brew stays cold for a longer period of time.

Pour like a pro & never drink a flat beer again.

This will turn many many heads at the party making sure that you are the centre of attention.

304 Stainless steel vessel, with handle,
great for same day filling and consuming. Insulated/ double-walled, keeping your brew cold for longer.

– Holds 1.89 litres

– Double walled allows your brew to remain cold for much longer

– Durable – constructed from 304 stainless steel

Package Consists of

– Stainless steel Growler

– Stainless Steel Growler Spear

– Brumby tap & Handle

– Threaded Stainless Steel nut & tap attachment

– Mini CO2 Regulator

– Quick release ball lock gas fitting


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