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25L Brew Keg Set

Includes 25L Williams Warn Brew Keg.


1 APA, 1 Dutch Pilsner & 1 IPA ingredient kit.

The BrewKeg25TM is a 25 litre capacity stainless steel, conical pressure fermenter with sediment removal and an easy to use lid with pressure relief valve. It’s based on the same successful design as the ever popular BrewKeg10TM

Suitable for the standard batch size of 23 litres, the BrewKeg25TM is suitable for all-grain, fresh wort or WilliamsWarn extract brewers who want to experience the magic results of pressure fermentation. At 660mm full height (395mm diameter), it has been designed to fit directly into a standard kegerator.

Dimensions 395 × 660 cm


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