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10L Get Into Kegging set

Tired of Bottling? Get into Kegging with this introductory set.


Its never been easier to start & we have created a combination of product to help you get into Kegging, saving you time, frustration, more importantly no need to clean & sterilise bottles & saving precious space too.

1 x 10 Litre Mini Keg is the equivalent of 30 stubbies or 20 x 500ml bottles, but is only 175mm in diameter & 490mm tall.

You can force carbonate your brew or you can transfer your already carbonated brew from a Fermentasaurus, WlliamsWarn BrewKeg or similar fermenters.

The Get Into Kegging Set contains these products:

1 x 10L Keg

1 x Spear (with ball lock disconnect posts)

1 x Transfer Line (with ball lock disconnects)

1 x Spunding Valve (with gas ball lock disconnect)


Optional extras include:

1 x Pressure Gauge  (with ball lock disconnect)

1 x Sodastream adaptor

1 x Mini CO2 Regulator + CO2 cannisters


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