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Our Story.

We are Home Brew enthusiasts who believe that; 
everyone should homebrew!

Our Story.

ChinChiller Brew Co Leaf

Who We Are:

We are Home Brew enthusiasts who believe that; everyone should homebrew!

Since 2017 we have imported & distributed a range of intelligent brewing products across NZ and Australia. The taste of your end product is front of mind, we want homebrew to taste the best it can! We bring you products that are smart and innovative, products that we have tried and tested ourselves, products that we love and we hope you like them too!

Drink Clean

Helping you take a small action that would have a big impact!

Granville and Nadine Denton

Our Vision:

ChinChiller Brew Co Leaf

Everyone should home brew…  And everyone can do small things to help save our planet!

We love the planet and believe regular small steps, creates positive change; instead of bottling in single-use bottles, how about kegging your beer?  Our mini-kegs and growlers can be used over and over again.

Cheers to more beers:

ChinChiller Brew Co Leaf

Good friends and great beers, what more do we need!

Beer Snob
Beer-Snob [beer-snob]
– noun – One who refuses to drink crap beer.